Commercial building venting up and out

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Author Topic: Commercial building venting up and out  (Read 6308 times)


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Commercial building venting up and out
« on: November 13, 2015, 04:50:07 PM »
I own a massage therapy practice that does 2+ large loads of sheets per day.  We operate in a commercial brick building.  I need to install a dryer in an interior room which will require me to vent up 8 feet the a 90 elbow and out the exterior brick wall (an additional 20-30ft plus that elbow).  It will exit the brick wall about 15 feet off the ground, facing the parking lot.  I don't want lint getting on the brick building facing the parking lot.  I need to insure that we are meeting code and have adequate venting.  I would love some recommendations on the design of the exhaust system.  It needs to be quite so I don't know if a fan is a good option or even necessary.  I would also be happy to get reocmmendations on washer/dryer units, or units that have good exhaust pressure. It's a 2x4 wall but we can certainly do drywall work.

I am less concerned about cost and more concerned about safety, code and dependability.

Thanks a ton.  None of the local guys seem to have any good solutions.


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Re: Commercial building venting up and out
« Reply #1 on: November 16, 2015, 09:51:28 AM »
Most if not all dryers sold today are very capable of exhausting 45 to 60 feet with no problem.  I am not a fan of booster fans, and you really do not need one based on your distances.  I am a fan of what we call a long turn ell ( which, with its large radius turn, creates no friction loss.  I'd also recommend a hoodless wall vent to better project the airflow away from the building (  Wall: if there is no drywall installed yet, i'd add at least one 1x2 firring strip to the wall to create a 4.25" depth.  This keeps the 4" pipe round and provides enough depth for the more efficient dryerbox receptacle, (Model 425 Dryerbox).  All these can be viewed in the online store at  Hope this helps. 
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