For a stackable W/D installation, what is the preferred location for a Dryerbox?

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Author Topic: For a stackable W/D installation, what is the preferred location for a Dryerbox?  (Read 4915 times)


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Standard or typical measurements of a Washer and Dryer that can be stacked is 27 Inches wide by 38 3/4 Inches high.  Also standard or typical is the location of the dryers’ exhaust port: center of unit (left to right) and the bottom of the 4-inch exhaust port is 2 inches above the bottom of the units’ support legs.  Therefore, the very bottom of the models 425, 350 or 480 should be 38 ¾” above the finished floor (the same height of the washer), assuming you are venting in an upward direction.
If venting downwards with a stacked dryer, it is our recommendation to not use our “down boxes” (4D and 3D) but to use our upward venting models (425, 350 and 480) installed upside down and the mounting heights would be: 45 3/4” to the upper (highest) end of the upside down Dryerbox. 
Note: the desired effect of the Dryerbox receptacle is to accommodate the collection and the connection of the dryers’ exhaust conduit (transition hose).  At one end of the Dryerbox is the connection to the wall and at the other end is the connection to the dryer.  Use the entire length of the Dryerbox to store the recoiled flex hose. 

Recommended installation heights for Stackable W&D

Guide to standard washer and dryer dimensions:
Average washer and dryer dimensions of the different models on the market. Dimensions will vary by brand and model, regard these as typical:
Side-by-side top-load washers and standard front-load dryers: 27 inches wide, 27 to 28 inches deep and 34 to 43 inches high (per appliance)
Stacked (combo): 27 inches wide, 30 to 32 inches deep and 75 inches tall (for the entire unit)
Compact: 24 inches wide, 22 to 24 inches deep and 33 to 34 inches tall (per appliance)
High-capacity front-loading washers and dryers: 27 inches wide, 32 to 34 inches deep and 35 to 42 inches tall (per appliance)
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