how does flex hose push back into Dryerbox

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Author Topic: how does flex hose push back into Dryerbox  (Read 4707 times)


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how does flex hose push back into Dryerbox
« on: March 05, 2016, 11:11:11 PM »

My install is a stacked unit inside a closet built for the W/D.  I am going to vent up into the attic space and then across to go out the wall.

Keeping the depth of closet minimized is important so I'm looking at using the space in the 2x4 wall behind the units.  I dont mind fir'ing this out a bit.  to use the 2x6 unit.

A short flex hose connects between the dryer and the dryerbox.  I need to pull this out 3' to be able to disconnect the hose.  When I push the unit back, what makes the flex go back into the dryerbox rather than dropping down and getting squished between the dryer and the back wall?  I cant reach back there...

I'm sure the dryerbox looks great but why not just drywall the gap between the studs leaving an extra 3" for the 4" pipe?  It's going to be either behind or above the W/D and not very visible!  If it was, I could fir that out an extra inch above the unit and drywall that

I appreciate your thoughts and answers!



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Re: how does flex hose push back into Dryerbox
« Reply #1 on: March 10, 2016, 06:48:20 PM »
Good questions Jack
Don't laugh, but in that case I've suggested that you get on a ladder and as the unit is pushed back, you reach over the top of the unit with a pole or broom or something to help guide the flex into its final resting position.  A lot depends on what flex you use, and how mush assistance you have to provide.  Cutting the flex to the bare minimum length is key. 

The hardship that the drywall'd opening provides is properly mudding and fire stopping the balance of the cell you are using for the drywall recess, due to the round hole.  Besides it taking a lot of time to finish it off.  It is an option, but it's scary: if there was a fire back there, preventing it from gaining an easy route to the next level is crucial. 

Sorry for the delay in replying. 
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