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Author Topic: Section 504.3 ICC code requires a cleanout, Dryerbox meets t  (Read 3804 times)


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I took a call today from a gentleman where his inspector had him remove the Dryerbox and install a “T” to fulfill the 504.3 code.  I instructed him that this was wrong and that he was shorting the homeowner of a great receptacle for the dryer flex hose, one that would give the owner more room in the laundry and minimize the risk of the flex hose getting crushed.  But it also took away a six foot savings in duct run cause the use of a dryerbox eliminates an ell and raises the location of the termination a foot (adds up to 6 feet).  And this particular job had serious issues with length of run. 

I instructed him to go to our Architects/Engineers page on the dryerbox website for an opinion letter from a Professional Engineer. 

Here is the link for anyone else having issues with a cleanout requirement. 


I also turned him on to the Dryer-Ell, which saves 4.5 feet every time one is used.
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