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Author Topic: Painting Galvanized Roof Vents or DryerJacks  (Read 4435 times)


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Painting Galvanized Roof Vents or DryerJacks
« on: February 01, 2013, 02:37:59 PM »

I get asked often how best to prepare and paint galvanized vent hoods. 
Many times the proper paint can be found in the roofing isle, and is referred to as roof paint.  It's either an alkyd or acrylic-resin paint tinted to match the shingles the store might sell.  If this does not work out, ask the professional counter person in the paint department. 

Preparation is key to a good bond.  Remove all oil residue with mineral spirits and warm soapy water.  Let dry and with a 220 sand paper lightly scratch the material to provide some "grip".  Apply two coats allowing each coat to dry according to the directions. 
Rick Harpenau
In-O-Vate Technologies, Inc
Jupiter, FL  33477