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Author Topic: Difference in the Model 3D and 4D Dryerbox  (Read 2958 times)


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Difference in the Model 3D and 4D Dryerbox
« on: September 25, 2013, 08:48:36 AM »

The 3D measures 3.5" from the flange to the back of the box.  And the 4D measures 4.25" from the flange to the back of the box.  They both exhibit a round or almost round hole in the bottom, how is that so? 

In the 3D, the pipe or hole is located such that about 12% of the pipe would be in the plane of the drywall (not within the bottom plate totally).  This is accomplished by hiding this behind the lower extended lip.  Likewise, to use this Dryerbox (the 3D) it has to be mounted all the way to the floor, other wise the pipe would be exposed.  If you need a downward style receptacle for a mid-wall installation (pedestal dryer or stacked) you need to fir the wall out 3/4" and use either the Model 480 or 425 dryerbox.  The nice feature about the 480 is that is can be installed in either direction, and has square corners which in most cases makes for a easier finishing of the edges. 

This image shows clearly how the hole or port aligns with the flanges on the 4D and 3D Dryerboxes.  The pink shaded zone represents drywall.  Hope this helps. 
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